Category: Virtual Production

Philippe Geubels goes VR

Woestijnvis approached Holofarm with a rather peculiar question. “Can you create a virtual environment in which an avatar is ‘playing’ with himself?”. We responded that we haven’t done that before, but that we’re always up for new adventures. So we asked our team: who wants to be a mocap actor on a tv show? Someone stood up and blindly took the role of … well, just watch below. One thing for sure: our guys worked hard!

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Making animation on a budget with mocap

Two years ago we ordered the ROKOKO Smartsuit Pro, a motion capture suit that’s completely wireless and markerless. Perfect to use on any location: behind our desk, in our studio, on a film set. It requires some time to get the most out of it, but soon it becomes a real blast to create humanoid animations. And it’s a huge time saver.

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The feeling of being at home

We wondered if we could recreate the feeling of being at home. How does the place feel in the evening? Or during bright daylight? We partnered up with Sy-bo, a renovation company, to translate designs from Sketchup to Unity3D. You can watch our latest research below.

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