How VR can empower events

The exhibition has always been about grabbing the audience’s attention. VR is a good medium for this, since a visitor can be transported to a virtual environment and receive a persuasive virtual walk & talk without any distractions. And in doing so, the willing visitor becomes an attraction of its own for the remaining audience: a character who’s in another reality, totally unaware of his surroundings. … Continue readingHow VR can empower events

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Advanced Engineering 2018

Take a leap of faith Easyfairs, a company that serves communities with live events, came with the idea to let the visitor cut a ceremonial rope and virtually open the event. They reached out to BeVirtual to host this part of the event, who entrusted the creation … Continue readingAdvanced Engineering 2018

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Making of Immuno-T

Finding the right medium In the beginning of 2017, professor Tessa Kerre came with the idea to develop a game in VR about immunotherapy.  During our first meetings, we questioned ourselves if this was the right medium to tell the story. When communicating such a … Continue readingMaking of Immuno-T

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